At the Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia, patient care and treatment is our ultimate goal. Our board certified physicians work with the patient to establish the best treatment plan for your specific sleep disorder. In addition, we focus on educating our patients about their sleep disorder so that it can be effectively managed. We are particularly proud of our sleep apnea program. If you are referred to us because your doctor thinks you may have sleep apnea, you will be educated about the disorder every step of the way.

Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia gives patients with possible sleep apnea a choice to have an individual consultation with a board-certified sleep disorders specialist or to be in a group setting for better education of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). The patients view a film explaining sleep apnea and the available treatments, and they receive supplemental written material for better understanding. The consultations, clinics, films and literature are all used to address any questions or concerns prior to the sleep study.

Once the patient understands sleep apnea and the treatment plan they will undergo an overnight sleep study in the lab, called a polysomnogram, to confirm the diagnosis. A sleep study is a noninvasive test that provides essential data during various stages of sleep. It monitors sleep stages, oxygen levels, heart rate, and respiratory events, along with many other variables. SDCG proudly uses state-of-the-art equipment to record the data, as well as name-brand mattresses and home-like settings to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the patients. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the second part of the study is a nasal CPAP trial used to determine the best way to treat the problem. Air is lightly blown into the nose and/or mouth to increase air pressure and provide a splint to hold the airway open. Different air pressures are used to determine what level works best for the patient. The sleep study results are then analyzed and interpreted by a trained sleep technologist.

Following the sleep study, the physician will review the results with the patient and will make recommendations for treatment. If nasal CPAP therapy is the chosen treatment the patient will attend a one-hour educational session with the CPAP therapist who addresses mask sizing, equipment maintenance and patient expectations. After the patient has been set up on CPAP, additional follow-up is provided, including unlimited telephone contact with the therapist and regularly scheduled follow-ups in the clinic. At each CPAP clinic visit, the patient fills out a questionnaire and is evaluated by the CPAP specialist on several key health status factors. The patient's equipment is thoroughly checked and any questions or concerns are addressed to promote compliance.

We follow our patients consistently, and are proud to report that our CPAP compliance rate averages 90%, compared to the national average of 55%.

We provide exceptional patient care through superior communication and education for our patients. We believe this is the key to patient success and satisfaction.

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